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Our Story

(1997) Left to right: Merched Baaklini Junior, Mazen Baaklini, Merched G. Baaklini

How It Started

Founded in 1995 at the age of 72, Merched G. Baaklini was a water visionary with big plans and a clear goal in mind: Water is mother nature’s gold, and should be protected at all costs while being accessible to everyone. Leaving behind many successful businesses, he decided to venture into finding one of the most unique and historical water sources in the world, located in the Eastern Mediterranean Mountains of Lebanon. He spent many years studying the mountains and digging into it with experts from around the world until the beating vein of Mount Sannine in Lebanon was discovered. Merched G. Baaklini then went on to acquire substantial amounts of land surrounding the source to keep the water quality pristine forever. Following this discovery, he gradually started to build a water bottling facility which is now one of the leading bottlers of the world.

How It’s Going

20 years later, and the founder’s vision has become a reality. Growing up in the natural reserve created by their grandfather, Merched and Mazen, the 3rd generation water bottling brothers, have a passion for water and understand the value of preserving its quality. Today, Bev Global Limited, the company behind eauYES, produces more than 400 million units per year, employs more than 700 essential individuals, and reaches more than 25 countries. This goal was reached through dedication to the founder’s cause which is making premium quality mineral water accessible to everyone in the world. Standing by their core values, the Baaklini brothers are continuing the founder’s mission of a never-ending, progress-driven path to excellence through innovation, sustainability, and transparency.

(2015) Left to right: Mazen Baaklini, Merched Baaklini Junior