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eauYES Sour Apple

330ML X12

Embark on a taste sensation with eauYES Sour Apple Sparkling Mineral Water. Naturally flavoured with the sharp, invigorating essence of green apples, our sparkling water delivers an unmatched taste experience that’s both bold and refreshing.

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Why choose

eauYES Sour Apple

sparkling mineral water?

Say 'OH YES' to a healthy body and healthy mind!


Savor the guilt-free joy of eauYES Zero Calories! Our drinks bring you refreshing hydration, minus the guilt.

Delight Your Palate

Natural flavours derived from the finest fruits and botanicals create a symphony of taste sensations.

Sparkling Hydration Routine

eauYES is the perfect companion for those seeking a healthier hydration choice without compromising.

Supporting Mental Health

The United Kingdom is witnessing a surge in mental health issues among its young population, and we are here to help.

Frequently asked questions

eauYES mineral water is sourced from pristine springs in the Mediterranean. Known for its exceptional purity, it is naturally low in sodium and rich in magnesium. We offer a delightful blend of sparkling mineral water with natural flavours, providing a refreshing and flavourful hydration experience without any additives.

eauYES products are available through various retailers and our online store. Check our website for authorised retailers near you or conveniently order from our website for home delivery.

Yes, at eauYES, we are committed to sustainability. Our packaging is designed with eco-consciousness in mind, aiming to minimise our environmental footprint. We use recyclable materials and are continually exploring ways to further our sustainability efforts.

Our mineral water has a recommended shelf life of 18 months, ensuring optimal quality and taste. Please refer to the label for specific product shelf life details.

No, our commitment to natural and pure hydration means our products contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. We focus on using natural ingredients for a healthier and flavourful experience.

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